Professional Sector

XPMCP specializes on the professional sector. Our experience allow us to assist investors on the creation or purchase of companies in Portugal.

Creation of companies
  • Search for offices for the registered offices or delegation
  • Execution of all the formalities for the creation of a company: fiscal number request, opening of the company, registration on the registry institute and tax office, and all other necessary proceedings.
Purchase of companies
  • Identification and research of potential target-companies, accordingly to the client’s criteria
  • Contact and pre-visits
  • Administrative proceedings, such as contracts and agreements
  • Delivery of the report to the client on all phases of the process
  • Guide the client during the visits to the target-companies chosen
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Translations
Purchase of lands, guidance and monitoring of the building process
  • Identification and research of potential lands
  • Contacts
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Monitorization of the building processes of industrial buildings
  • Translation of documents