Who are we

Who are we

XPMCP is a company which aims to counsel, assist and guide the investors in Portugal, either through the creation/purchase of a company or simply through the life project of living in this country.

Our team, fluent in French, Portuguese and Italian, shall provide guidance on all phases of the client’s new project.

We propose turn key services, customized and adapted to the needs of each project.

We also propose guidance after the conclusion of your project, in order to ease the life in the country.

Why choose XPMCP

To start this new adventure, you will need to know all the proceedings for the execution of your project.

To settle in Portugal, it’s necessary to know the economic, social and financial law. You need to know the proceedings to follow, the phases, the bodies to contact, the details, etc…

The simplest way is to benefit from the help of professions who are familiar with the proceedings in Portugal and with the profession’s know-how.

Our team of experienced professions shall guide you during the entire process, since the first approach to the country. Our assistant shall help you save money and time.

Our activity is divided into two sectors, the professional and the private sector:
Professional Sector

– Creation of companies
– Purchase of companies
– Purchase of lands, guidance and monitoring of the building process

• Private Sector

We counsel, assistant and guide all clients on their life project in Portugal. We propose customized turn key services.


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